{"blog":[{"uid":"biophiliclightingdesign","url":"https:\/\/lightcollab.com\/blog\/biophiliclightingdesign","title":"Biophilia in lighting design","entry":"Yah Li has been invited to be part of the panel discussing about nature and biophilic lighting with Julia Hartmann, Matt Waring, David Gilbey on The Edit by Decorex in August this year. The discussion is now made available online: \nHERE<\/a>\n\n\nEnjoy!\n\n#decorex, #lightingdesign, #biophilicdesign, #lightingdesigner, #lightcollab","category":"Ideas","date":"23 October 2021"},{"uid":"the-rigorous-activity-of-the-lighting-design-process","url":"https:\/\/lightcollab.com\/blog\/the-rigorous-activity-of-the-lighting-design-process","title":"the rigorous activity of the lighting design process","entry":"An up close and personal time with our founder, Yah Li about the Singapore Buddhist Lodge and winning the 37th IALD International Lighting Design Awards and also the rigorous activity of the lighting design process, and how achieving great outcome is determined by various factors and most importantly, the support and trust from the team. \n\n\"Very often, people ask me, as a lighting designer, what lights I use, without much context\/ drawings and concept in mind. I am indeed quite mind-boggled by that question as lighting tools are the palette that lighting designers work with.. to achieve an overall concept. There are millions of products to select from.. and it is quite difficult to answer as lighting design is really complex in art and science.. in relation to architecture, spatial considerations, detailing, dimensions, materials, etc..\nLighting designers are very often misunderstood as people who just select beautiful lighting fixtures.. or \u2018standard lighting fixtures\u2019. A wise man said before that there are no bad products, only bad application.\n\nLighting design is also not just photoshopping visual effects.. but also the entire art of being able to achieve the desired outcome.\n\nIn 2016, the lighting design process for the Singapore Buddhist Lodge started with understanding all the different terminology and features of the prayer hall, how individual statues look like and the material and colour. Interior designer, Katherine from Shanghai Interior circle was really patient to bring us to another temple project for reference and also took us through patiently to understanding the various elements, motives in the space. We next studied all the existing statues which will be placed in the prayer hall, studied the size and the 3D elements and studied the drawings\/sections and then worked on the concept, renderings, drawings, details which will conceal the lighting fixtures.\n\nPresentation was made to the client. Several presentations on the opportunities of how beautiful the prayer hall can be while addressing the needs\/ functions of the client and the Budget required. We also tried to explain the importance of lighting quality and tools that we need. We sincerely thank our client, Singapore Buddhist Lodge\u2019s committee and chairman who took the leap of faith with us... as the outcome can otherwise be very different.\n\nWe also embarked on tender process, evaluating alternatives to reduce cost, without comprising the outcome. Followed by mock-ups, revisiting updates, changes, coordinating details, keeping track of the changes along the way.\n\nFinally, lighting fixtures installed and also commissioning, focusing and also setting the lighting scenes. This process took us 4 years to complete and to achieve the outcome. It is definitely not just selecting standard fittings..\n\nSome major considerations are also about shadow as we have many 3D elements, we are concerned about where the shadow might be cast onto. And with the tiered golden ceiling, where would be the appropriate location to highlight the statutes effectively to create a focal glow. Concealing layers of lighting fittings carefully and also illuminating feature ceilings with carefully chosen optics too. Thus we hope to communicate that good lighting design is not standard.. and it is not a copy and paste. It is specially tailored, crafted to the concept, and many considerations.\n\nWe thank once again to the team: our very supportive client, Multiply architects, Interior designer Shanghai Interior Circle (Katherine), builder Thong Huat Brothers (Bernard, Mr Chua, Jonathan, Nuheng), electrical team and also supplier, Luxlight.\"","category":"Inspiration","date":"21 June 2020"},{"uid":"singapore-buddhist-lodge-clinches-an-iald-award-of-merit","url":"https:\/\/lightcollab.com\/blog\/singapore-buddhist-lodge-clinches-an-iald-award-of-merit","title":"Singapore Buddhist Lodge clinches an IALD Award of Merit","entry":"CHICAGO, IL USA, 18 JUNE 2020 | Luminaries of the lighting profession gathered online for the first time to honor the winners of the 37th Annual International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) International Lighting Design Awards, presented by Cooper Lighting Solutions, the longest running and one of the most prestigious lighting design awards programs in existence. Twenty-one projects were on display from 8 countries\u2014including exteriors, interiors, universities, museums, retail, and places of worship. This year\u2019s winners represent some of the most innovative and inspiring architectural lighting design work found anywhere in the world.\n\nIALD Awards Co-Chair Morgan Gabler, IALD, commented, \u201cEvery year we see an increase in the quality of entries and this year is certainly no different. Our seven-member panel of judges evaluate each project submission for demonstration of excellence across ten distinct areas in a rigorous and blind process.\u201d IALD Award Co-Chair Mirjam Roos, IALD, added, \u201cProjects recognized go beyond distinction in architectural lighting\u2014we honor exceptional designs that evoke emotional responses, transform spaces, inspire awe, and bring real benefits to end users.\u201d\n\nWe are pleased to share that Singapore Buddhist Lodge is one of the 12 recipients of the IALD Awards of Merit. Congratulations to the team, especially Yah Li and Michelle who have worked on the project. \n\nWe are really honoured and excited that we have put Singapore lighting on the international level. It is certainly a good encouragement and recognition of our perseverance and hard work.\n\nSpecial thanks to our client, Singapore Buddhist Lodge and the committee chairman who took the leap of faith with us and trusted us with the project. To architect Multiply, ID Shanghai Interior Circle, Builder Thong Huat Brothers and supplier, Luxlight for their support who have supported us for this wonderful collab.\n\n