Channel 8 Morning Express Extraordinary jobs

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We were featured on Channel 8, Morning Express/ 晨光第一线, as first episode of the documentary series of “Extraordinary Jobs- 勇往职前” on 5 February 2020, between 9am to 9.30am SG Time.

The filming was a very interesting process- it makes me reflect in many ways why I decided to be a lighting designer... how light collab tries to make a difference in what we do with light... reminds me why i have not given up and persevered no matter how tough the times were.... from the first project to current - we have come a long way... and always working towards good outcomes, for the people.. for cities... and the environment.

Really grateful to the team (past and present), to our collaborators, clients for the chance to collab on such interesting projects and to believe in the power of light... special thanks to Ciel Liu Bei for making this feature possible... and sharing the story of light collab in a different light.. and hopefully to make the work of lighting designers understood...

Check out some of the behind scenes when it was filmed in July 2019.


05 February 2020