Light Collab is a design practice specialising in the art of using light to enhance the visual environment and experience.

Meyer 1


Meyer House

Along Meyer Road, sits a condominium development housing, which is adjacent to a one-hectare forested park. The development is laid out in a contiguous ‘C’ configuration with residences looking out onto a 50m by 75m internal forested garden that spills out onto the adjacent park. In this project, we explored the dance of lighting - the soul of the spaces. The play and presence of light in the form of it being indirect, being ambient and yet staying hidden, while revealing forms, textures and layers in this beautiful project.

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Singapore Pavilion, World Expo 2020

Like an oasis within the desert, the Singapore Pavilion situated within the sustainability district of World Expo 2020 Dubai, greets visitors with its lush greenery. The Singapore Pavilion was envisioned and designed by WOHA to encapsulate the challenges Singapore faces and overcomes as a small city-state. Find out how lighting design is beyond human-centric but is all encompassing and life-centric. The lighting concept goes beyond just being comfortable for people, it also supports life, plant life and also inspires new ideas. Light Collab sought to share the story of the regenerative quality of nature and light through natural and artificial lighting.

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Dhaka Glass Tower 1


Tower Of Light, Dhaka

Tower of Light (Shadhinata Tower), a 150 feet high structure made up of stacked glass, is a focal point of the Independence Monument commissioned by the Ministry of War Liberation Affairs, Public Works Department in 1997. The site for the Independence Monument is where Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the father of the nation delivered the historic speech that united the people of Bengal to fight for their liberation from 24 years of oppressive military rule under Pakistan. In this project, Light is a powerful symbol of hope and selfless sacrifice of the Freedom Fighters.

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Singapore Buddhist Lodge

The Singapore Buddhist Lodge is a Buddhist and charitable organization in Singapore. Founded in 1934, it is one of the oldest charities in Singapore The existing Singapore Buddhist Lodge undergoes a major renovation with extensions of facade and construction of the new main prayer hall in 2017. In this project, we explored how hope, faith and light of Buddha is expressed.

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Habitat by Honestbee

With the shift toward online shopping does put a huge strain on traditional retail, but with that challenge also comes myriad of opportunities for retailers and designers to invent new spaces and new ways to engage customers. Check out how we tried to reinvent the way how people feel towards supermarket retail and F&B services in this space, using light and creating turning into a very instagrammable space!

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We collaborated in the remaking of the classic by John Portman & Associates built in 1986. In the midst of the atrium lined by cascading planters of trees, we explored how biophilic lighting and to create a live-centric lighting design for a balance for nature and humans.

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Pan Pacific Hotel

Pan Pacific Singapore, a renowned luxury hotel nestled in the heart of Marina Bay, sought to rejuvenate its interiors, and elevate its visual identity. The new interior design showcases a concept reminiscent of Park Royal Collection at Marina Bay – a garden in the hotel. The lighting design aimed to accentuate the hotel’s distinctive existing architectural features, alongside the new interior design designed by FDAT architects, includes the hotel’s main public spaces like the lobby, bar, marketplace, and function rooms.

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LYF 09


LYF One-North

LYF is a hospitality concept by Ascott that provides coliving spaces for digital nomads, technopreneurs, creatives and self-starters to “live your freedom” in a dynamic environment. The apartments, social spaces and experiential programmes at LYF properties are designed for guests to forge connections and to nurture a strong sense of community. In this project, we have explored creating innovating lighting solutions to break social norms that elevate spaces beyond their physical dimensions. This project showcases the fusion of artistic vision and functional requirements with technical expertise, resulting in an environment that aligns with the branding of LYF and enhances the overall experience.

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Wearnes Light Collab 1low res


Wearnes Automotive Centre

The first-of-its-kind complex offers Singapore's first climate-controlled car gallery to store rare cars owned by high-net-worth individuals. It incorporates workshops, boutique car displays, conference facilities, and an exclusive club lounge overlooking the car gallery. The lounge boasts a bar, private dining and a cigar bar. Our scope for lighting design includes facade and front-of house lighting for the automotive centre, where we weave lighting into the facade and interior.

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Yizheng Brand Experience Center

‎Yizheng Stationery is a market leader in children’s eraser in China. This experience center is situated in the factory, meant to be part of an entire sales journey. Together with United Design Practice, we investigate the qualities and properties of the material, rubber and explode how light can bring alive the expression of the eraser's properties such as colours, translucency, and express them into a form of Light Art.

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Through our discipline, we hope to make a difference to the luminous environment in Singapore and worldwide.