Light Air - a Lighting Installation for Design Green Week


We had a great opportunity to create a lighting installation for the Design Green Week at the 2nd edition of Transitional___ By Shophouse & Co.

We pondered what would be a good material to use for the installation - probably a very common everyday Singapore item which is thrown away after it is used. Our inspiration came from nostalgic memories of not too long ago when plastic bags with the coloured string which we used to take-away noodles, coffee. The plastic bags are now given new life and an opportunity to be appreciated with new light. We filled it up with air and light. It was interesting to see how light reacts with the plastic bags.

Led by Light Collab's designers, Chua Li Qi and her team of volunteers, the installation was borne after 3 full days of filling it with air. Strings were also tied to an existing trellis at National Design Centre. This forms the backbone of the installation.

Any one wants to guess how many plastic bags we have used in the end?


01 September 2014