Shadows of our City


Using nostalgic and daily objects, we sought to portray several of Singapore's iconic sceneries such as Sentosa, Housing Skyline and Changi Airport,through an simple installation with the play of light and shadow. The idea was use matchstick boxes and country flag erasers to portray our heritage buildings and housing skyline, while the use of tic-tac boxes to portray new housings and skyscrapers to create a colourful vibrant city. Singapore’s conservational efforts for our old heritage (shophouses) and the new housing (HDBs) today, inspired the use of matchstick boxes and tic-tac boxes for this installation. With the visitors interacting with the installation, we studied how the play of light and shadow created different perspectives and various visual effects from the overlapping shadows, as well as the altering depth of field from the distance between the installation to the light source.


08 August 2015